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The Ancient Practice of Surya Namaskara in Ayurveda Green-Beauty Co

The Ancient Practice of Surya Namaskara in Ayurveda

  I never prefer to go to the gym and do exercise with equipment. It's not me for some reason. That doesn't mean I should be excused to do any exercise. Thus, my inclination is always toward walkin...

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What is Astaxanthin

Discover the Wonders of Astaxanthin: The Ultimate Skincare Essential and Beyond

At Green-Beauty Co, we're obsessed with all things antioxidant. They're essential for achieving that coveted healthy, glowing skin. As champions of anti-aging, minimalism, and non-toxic living, we...

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Blue lotus tincture for skin

Let's make Blue Lotus Tincture

Hey there! Let's talk about Blue Lotus, also known as Nymphaea Caerulea. It's one of my favorite scents, and today, before we make a tincture from this, let's talk about a bit of the significance ...

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Blog Green-Beauty Co

Understanding Ayurvedic Prakruti & Vikruti: The Gateway to Holistic Well-being

In Ayurveda, "Prakruti" refers to an individual's unique constitution or natural state of being. It is often described as the inherent balance of the three fundamental energies that govern physiolo...

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What is cellular detox

What is Cellular Detox?

The Importance of Cellular Detox As a beauty and wellness brand, we believe that outer beauty can only achieve when we talk about an inside-out approach. That's why we are committed to speaking at ...

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Ayurvedic Face Oil

Get Glowing Skin with Ayurvedic Face Oil

 Growing up in the 90s and being born in the 80s, we learned that oil is not a good solution for moisturizing skin. It will give you acne and breakouts. But is it true? My mother always used specia...

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Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand: An Anti-aging tool for your skin

I love to talk about my Indian childhood (Check out our Ayurvedic Selfcare Ritual Guide from my blog Glow & Green). Today’s topic is no exception. We are talking about one of my favorite clean...

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Blog Green-Beauty Co

Herbs for Self Love: Nurturing Your Inner Being

Harness the Positive Effects of Herbs for Self Love We all are busy; I get it! It takes a lot of work to follow a simple ritual in general.  That's why we often forget the most important person we ...

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Grounding Meditation

Unwind, Recharge and Refresh with Breathing and Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief

Breathing.. In Stress  :) We got you here!    After being a mom, I felt that I have fulfilled that women cycle (daughter, wife, and now mom)! That’s why I feel that being a mom can be an incredibly...

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