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Understanding Ayurvedic Prakruti & Vikruti: The Gateway to Holistic Well-being

In Ayurveda, "Prakruti" refers to an individual's unique constitution or natural state of being. ...

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What is cellular detox

What is Cellular Detox?

The Importance of Cellular Detox As a beauty and wellness brand, we believe that outer beauty ca...

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Ayurvedic Face Oil

Get Glowing Skin with Ayurvedic Face Oil

 Growing up in the 90s and being born in the 80s, we learned that oil is not a good solution for ...

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Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand: An Anti-aging tool for your skin

I love to talk about my Indian childhood (Check out our Ayurvedic Selfcare Ritual Guide from my b...

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Blog Green-Beauty Co

Herbs for Self Love: Nurturing Your Inner Being

We all are busy; I get it! It takes a lot of work to follow a simple ritual in general.  That's ...

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Grounding Meditation

Unwind, Recharge and Refresh with Breathing and Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief

Breathing.. In Stress  :) We got you here!    After being a mom, I felt that I have fulfilled tha...

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Ayurvedic Face Mapping

How to Get Started with Ayurvedic Face Mapping?

Ayurvedic Face Mapping: A Guide to Understanding Skin Health At Green-Beauty Co we are all about ...

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Ayurvedic Tea

The Power of Ayurvedic Tea: A Refreshing Boost for Women's Health and Wellness

  I grew up in an Indian household where Indian Chai mixed with Ayurvedic chai masala was the fir...

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Let's talk about Spring Cleaning  Green-Beauty Co

Let's talk about Spring Cleaning 

(We published same blogpost in our original blog: Spring is finally here! We...

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