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Turmeric Soap


First Minimalistic Ayurvedic Personal Care Brand

Get Non-Toxic Living in Minimalistic Way

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Our Mission

Green-Beauty Co. aims to revolutionize personal care by developing Ayurvedic products with no more than 10 non-toxic ingredients. Our mission is to provide pure and simple personal care solutions for  healthy skin through minimalism and Ayurveda for women of color

Our Wellness Journal

Unveiling-the-Magic-of-Turmeric-Soap Green-Beauty Co

Unveiling the Magic of Turmeric Soap

Are you a big fan of turmeric lattes? Do you like bright yellow Indian/Middle Eastern curries? If yes, then, this blog post is for you. Because I am going to share some wisdom about turmeric and ge...

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plastic free july

The Hidden Danger in Your Skincare: Microplastics to Avoid

We are celebrating "Plastic-free" July here. And what better way to educate everyone here on micro-plastic. Although, we have repeated over and over again in the blog diary about our mission. But i...

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Oil Cleanser

Your Top 5 Oil Cleansing Questions Answered (From Our Founder)

Cleansing your face with oil cleanser - do you feel little weird? There are so many question marks when it comes to oil cleansers. Today, I would like to answer those top 5 oil cleansing questions...

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Double Cleansing Kit: Turmeric Soap + Nourishing Cleansing Oil Green-Beauty Co

About Us

Green-Beauty Co

Hey'll, welcome to Green-Beauty Co - your 100% natural, sustainable, and Ayurvedic personal care brand.

We handcraft 100% natural, clean, and non-toxic Ayurvedic products using 10 or less than 10 ingredients. For us, less is more.

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