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Kumkumadi oil

Offering non-toxic, holistic personal care products with fewer than 10 ingredients each


non toxic skincare


From essential hydration to self-care favorites, discover your best skin yet with the must-haves on everyone’s list.

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Our Wellness Journal

Embracing Amla Oil: Ayurvedic Significance and After-Sun Care Benefits for Green-Beauty Co

Embracing Amla Oil: Ayurvedic Significance and After-Sun Care Benefits for Green-Beauty Co

In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a resurgence of interest in natural and holistic skincare solutions. Among the numerous ingredients that have garnered attention, Amla oil stands ...

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after sun care

After Sun Care and Sun Exposure (Ayurveda Way)

After Sun Care in Ayurveda Way  Summer brings joy, travel, and lots of redness to your skin. Thus, we are not focusing on sunscreen or tanning, but what can we do holistically in terms of after-su...

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Let's Talk: Dinacharya - Green-Beauty Co

Let's Talk: Dinacharya

Let's Talk: Dinacharya Do you guys know regular lifestyle aka daily routine (Dinacharya) is one of the most effective tool you can adopt when it comes to mind, body, and spirit connection? Since I ...

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Double Cleansing Kit: Turmeric Soap + Nourishing Cleansing Oil Green-Beauty Co

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Green-Beauty Co

Hey'll, welcome to Green-Beauty Co - your 100% natural, sustainable, and Ayurvedic skincare brand.

We handcraft 100% natural, clean, and non-toxic Ayurvedic skincare product using 10 or less than 10 ingredients. For us, less is more.

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Make a switch to ayurvedic, minimal, and sustainable skin care routine! Our face/body bar consists less than ten non-toxic ingredients!


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