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Join the Non-toxic Ayurvedic Lifestyle Movement! 

Welcome to Green-Beauty Co, the epitome of Ayurvedic, Sustainable, and Minimalistic beauty nestled in the heart of Northern California! We invite you to join our exclusive ShareASale affiliate program and become an ambassador for a brand that's transforming the beauty/personal care landscape.

At Green-Beauty Co, we're not just a brand; we're a movement. Our Ayurvedic formulations redefine beauty, combining the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with a commitment to sustainability and a minimalistic ethos. Our mission is to be the most effective, non-toxic Ayurvedic beauty brand, crafting products with no more than ten carefully chosen ingredients. Join us on this journey, where beauty meets consciousness!

 Why Join Green-Beauty Co's Affiliate Program?

    • Generous Commissions: Enjoy a tiered commission structure ranging from 10% to 15% on every sale, rewarding your commitment to our cause.
    • Evergreen Codes: Empower your audience with codes that can be used more than once, ensuring ongoing engagement.
    • Exclusive Perks: Benefit from a 60-day cookie window, giving you an extended opportunity to earn commissions.
    • Monthly Posting Requirements: Stay active and engaged with your audience through our monthly posting requirements, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.
    • Sales Threshold: Achieve greatness and unlock additional rewards by reaching our minimum sales threshold to remain an active affiliate.
    • Quarterly Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on our products every quarter, enticing your audience with special offers.
    • Early Access: Be the first to explore and promote our new products and sales, establishing yourself as a trendsetter in the beauty space.
    • Personalized Support: Connect with a dedicated Green-Beauty Co team member for personalized assistance, guidance, and support on your affiliate journey.

Basic Requirements for Affiliation:

    • Authentic Passion: Share our enthusiasm for Ayurvedic, Sustainable, and Minimalistic beauty.
    • Digital Presence: Own a blog, website, or social media platform focused on wellness, beauty, or eco-conscious living. 
    • Alignment with Values: Embrace and embody the values of Green-Beauty Co, promoting real, natural, and non-toxic alternatives. 

Please contact with any questions - thank you!

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