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Significance of Bath in Ayurveda Green-Beauty Co

Significance of Bath in Ayurveda

Significance of Bath in Ayurveda

Having a luxurious bath seems a very western concept for you, but it’s not actually. It is a very ancient ayurvedic concept. Bathing in old India was discovered in Mohenjo Daro times as a part of substantial pool-like structures with articulated stairs.

In Ayurveda, it’s been said that bathing helps detox the body in the best possible way. This self-care act of bath can elevate your mood, help you sleep better, and, most importantly, burn calories. If you face irritation on your skin, then having a great Epsom salt bath can soothe your skin. If you are wondering about sleep deprivations, then look no further. A hot water bath will help you sleep better.

In Ayurveda, the process of bath starts with “Abhyanga.” Abhyanga is a simple oil massage done gently throughout your body. Even though we carry facial oils, which are an excellent choice for face and hand, you can certainly use those oils in your body!

Now let’s talk more about our hero products for your ayurvedic bath: 1) Loved Soak; 2) Any sort of Bath Melts.

Loved Soak is made out of coconut milk powder, orange peels, orange peel oil, and Epsom salts. A perfect goody you can gift to your mom around Mother’s Day!! We tried to use the food by-product orange peel, an excellent flavonoid source. Great for you and Great for the Planet.

While all our bath melts are made out of apricot kernel oil which is another food by-product. Since ashwagandha is a well-known herb for relaxation, we have added this goodie into your bath melt.

Mix these two products in your bathtub and get into an ayurvedic bath right after abhyanga!

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