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Rice Powder: Lets talk exfoliation benefits Green-Beauty Co

Rice Powder: Let’s talk exfoliation benefits

For centuries, Asian beauty traditions have been using an age-old natural exfoliating ingredient—rice powder. Not only does it offer a luxurious spa-like experience with its delicate grains and spherical shape that gently polishes the skin but also improves your complexion to give you clear, smooth results without any irritations!

Rice powder is one of those underrated skincare heroes that won't get the recognition it deserves! Not only does it provide gentle exfoliation to remove all your dead skin cells, but its antioxidants neutralize free radicals from pollution and dirt on a daily basis - meaning you're getting protection from these nasty elements even when out-and-about. Plus, rice's antioxidant properties help your skin increase collagen production for gorgeous looking results. Who knew?!

Where do you find this beauty ingredient in our product range? 

At Green-Beauty Co we recognized this unsung beauty hero ingredient and we got it even deeper when we wanted to use this ingredient in our soaps. So, what we did, we went into suppliers who are not just selling us rice powder but those rice powder is an actual food by-product. Many times, during the rice crop, many rice grains are not fit into “sale-able” crop meaning “ugly crop” those crop is either going into landfill or feed it to animal. We took this opportunity and came up with supplier who can do cosmetic grade process and sale those unwanted rice to us! 


Our Rose Soap contains this rice powder. Our soap bar is a timeless, humble classic and Green-Beauty Co's first-ever formulated product using food waste. Green-Beauty Co's hot processed soaps are lovingly formulated to be used as both facial and body bars.

Walk out of the shower feeling like a spring day with Green Beauty’s Rosy Walnut Scrub Soap Bar. A  gentle exfoliant that scrubs away dirt and grime while deeply nourishing the skin moisturizing elements and natural fatty acids. We suggest using this bar when you are looking for an extra dose of self-love or incorporating in into your daily routine. Either way, it is a go-to for Mama Earth and a Green Beauty staple.

Why We Love It:

  • Made with olive pomace oil which is leftover/food by-product from olive oil
  • 100% natural, palm oil free, vegan & cruelty-free
  • Rich creamy lather for a luxurious cleanse
  • Scented naturally with high-quality essential oils
  • Green-Beauty Co's hot process soap method naturally produces glycerin, which allows skin to absorb moisture more readily.
  • We handmake each bar so color, design and shape may differ from what's pictured.

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