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Ruchita's holiday gift guide

Holiday 2023: Our Founder Ruchita's Gift Guide is out

Get ready, folks - it's that time of year again! The holidays can sometimes feel a bit materialistic, but fear not! There's a fabulous chance to show gratitude and spread love through thoughtful gift-giving. It's all about finding that perfect balance.

Instead of bombarding you with more "stuff," I've put together a fantastic list of small, intentional, and creative businesses to support. These gift ideas are sure to impress and serve a purpose or fill a need.

But wait, there's more! I've even scored some exclusive discount codes from a few of these companies just for our community. No hidden agenda here, we simply want to help you save a little extra during this festive season.

So get your sleigh ready, because 'tis the season to find unique and meaningful gifts!

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Sustainable and Ethical Beauty Lover (20% off + Free Shipping on Green-Beauty Co products)): 

(All these gift can be the best hostess gift)

Best Gifts for Sustainable Home

Best Sustainable Gifts for Kids

Best Gifts for person who are into conscious living

Get ready to be inspired for your holiday shopping! This amazing list is here to give you some fresh ideas. And remember, the holiday season is about so much more than just material things. But, hey, investing in top-notch items for your loved ones can truly be priceless. No worries if you're on a tight budget this year. There are countless ways to make someone's day and spread holiday cheer. After all, we all know the power of kind words and thoughtful actions.

Let's celebrate a season overflowing with love and gratitude!


Founder of Green-Beauty Co

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