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What is Ayurvedic Facial Treatment? Green-Beauty Co

What is Ayurvedic Facial Treatment?


Very few people are blessed with naturally flawless skin. Now more  people are living in urban jungle, they all are constantly exposed to dirt, and pollutants. Not to mention, pursuing high-speed, tension generating lifestyle promotes skin stress only. Whether you are a young mom or young professional, we are in constant fear of uncertainty. All these are the prime culprits that we need to treat our face, body, and hair carefully. Today, we want to talk about facial skin. 

Face is the first place, where we see stress in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and list goes on. We women are perhaps at an all time high stress level, with competitiveness in the work place, and less well defined roles for both themselves and men (in personal front). 

This blog post is all about facial treatment in Ayurveda way or we should say turning your bath room into natural beauty spa or exotic Ayurvedic spa!   

What's Ayurvedic Facial Treatment? 

 Ayurvedic beauty treatment means simple, gentle, and natural, pleasurable beauty therapies on your face which are free from animal by-products. Ayurvedic facial treatment meant we are working towards balancing body, mind, spirit in a sustainable way. 

 Ayurvedic Facial Treatment contains eight steps: 

1) Primary cleansing with oil/powders 

2) Oil massage with simple hands 

3) Compress your skin with facial steams 

4) Peel of dead skin with gentle scrub 

5) Naturifying your skin with facial mask 

6) Toning/ Rejuvenation 

7) Nourishing with Moisturizer 

8) Hydrating your skin 

It's sounds like lot right! But step no. 1, 6, and 7 are the only one necessary in your day to day routine, while ayurvedic facial treatment is good once a week or bi-weekly basis. 


1) Primary cleaning with oil/powders: This steps removes that first layer of dirt, stickiness, and make-up. This step offers fresh and ready to receive face massage kind of skin. In India, during childhood our founder experienced "Besan ubtans" aka chickpea flour mixed with coconut oil. We believe that it's good not to use alchahol/soap based face washes, instead use soap-wort powder mixed with almond or orange peel which will give you lather but not harsh one! 


2) Oil massage with your hands: Although, it's hard to resist with marketing boom like  "gua-sha" and "jade roller", but here we are all about economical approach. Yes, hands are the best massaging tool. Check out our blogpost on Glow & Green where we demonstrated how to do face massage. 

3) Compress your skin with facial steam: Facial steam are great to bring out impurity from your skin. The function of facial steam is to sooth, and provide nutrients to skin with natural substance. Facial steam's aroma activates brian centers and please the mind and ultimately relax the body! Our facial steam product is the perfect to incorporate in your ayurvedic massage! 

4) Peel of dead skin with gentle scrub: In this process, we are all about revitalizing the skin layer, by rubbing the skin with physical or non-physical exfoliant will help skin to shred much quicker way and reduce the amount of built up as well.  Simple Almond flour and a pinch of turmeric is enough to rub of all the dead skin from your face! 


5) Naturifying your skin with facial mask: This step is extremely necessary because you are working on treating your skin. If you are having acne problem, you face mask needs to address that. If you are dealing with congested skin or dull skin, this is more like treatment step for you. In future, we are going to share some easy to follow face mask recipe which you can totally make it in your kitchen. 


6) Toning/ Rejuvenation: A good toner is a non-alcohol refresher that help residue of all the previous procedures. It refines the pores and tautens, and evens out skin, making it ready for moisturizing treatment. Again at Glow & Green blog we have shared recipes on facial toners. 


7) Nourishing with Moisturizer:  Frankly, all types of skin need moisturizers not on the day of ayurvedic facial treatment but in regular basis too. Moisturizing action is two step process at Green-Beauty Co arena. 1) Pick our facial oil serum; 2) add your favorite oil serum in inside Aloe Vera ! That will give you instant creamy textured moisturizer. Aloe Vera is the ingredients which works in drawing the moisture to your skin while oil serum will give you necessary fatty acid which your skin is not producing. 

(for Oily/Acne-prone skin) 

(for all skin types) 


(for dry/matured skin)

8) Hydration of the skin: The gentle touch of rose water brings vitality back to the complexation any time of the day. Mists are wonderful in very dry climates (like Bay Area where we are based), in windy weather, after exercise, or during times of your work commute when we know the skin is susceptible to dehydration. 


So That's all... totally easy facial treatment once a week and your skin will be revitalized with our favorite Green-Beauty Co products!! 



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